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 asdfghjk blah 11-16-11

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asdfghjk blah 11-16-11 Empty
PostSubject: asdfghjk blah 11-16-11   asdfghjk blah 11-16-11 Icon_minitimeWed Nov 16, 2011 8:05 pm

i was walking down the ramp in school then all o a sudden a stupid 3rd grader scares me and i fell flat on my face. i said " REALLY". and he said haha poopy face. i said cheez nuggets. so i walked away like a regular person and i got in trouble for talking in the halls. i looked back the kid was gone. Like poof, no kid. i went to the nurse and my nose really hurts like mother chucker.
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asdfghjk blah 11-16-11
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