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 gooooood day :D 11/18/11

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gooooood day :D  11/18/11 Empty
PostSubject: gooooood day :D 11/18/11   gooooood day :D  11/18/11 Icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2011 5:50 pm

So today I had one manditory first block and then the rest were flex blocks.
My manditory was Art and I was really excited because i had just finished the clay unit and i had made a mouse! So it was finished and i found it on a rack. I actually laughed at it cause I made it crosseyed and yeah. I showed it to my teacher and I got 80/80 because she loved it!

Then I had a flex in the english flex room with 3 of my friends. I didnt do aot of work but it was just amazing :D

At lunch my friend dragged me downstairs so she could be with her other friends to. They have half lockers in some places of the school and alot of people sit on then and eat or whatever. But some of my friends friends started dragging everyone off and picking then up and swinging them around. (I avoided everyone ;) )
After lunch I worked on my essyay (really boring) and then I had another flex with my friend in the english flex room. It was funny but... kinda gross at times?
And then I got home and got on the computer and I havent done anything els :D

The only unpleasant thing that happened was in the morning when I was walking around with my sister before school stared trying to find my friends, I was all happy to see them but my old friend (we've been having some unpleasant arguments) dragged my friend away from me and so I followed them calling them to stop and they ran downstairs away from me laughing and taking about me! So i stopped following them and my sister tried to cheer me up.... it was working until they came back up the stairs and my old friend looked sorry at me like she wanted to apolagize... I just walked away really mad while my sister was like "...." o.o
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gooooood day :D 11/18/11
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