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 so. [:: 11.20.11 ::]

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PostSubject: so. [:: 11.20.11 ::]   so. [:: 11.20.11 ::] Icon_minitimeSun Nov 20, 2011 8:44 pm

I'm being a creep & stalking Omar's fb. [;

I WANT SOME NUTELLA. FORREALS. I had some earlier 'cus I was pissed at Spydur~ :3

I'm spending the night with my little brother & older sisters at my grandma's house the day before Thanksgiving to prepare the food and everything. I'm excited. Plus, I get to see my little evil cousin Madeline~ :D
She's gonna be annoying. -.-
I'm not sure if I can bring my laptop along, but if I can't, I'll let you know. c:

I'm thinking of continuing Suu~Itoburizu. Some people, *coughcoughcoughitycoughcough*mayanm & melody*coughcoughcoughitycoughcoughbarf* wanted me to continue & yeah. If I decide to, I'm gonna post the characters first, then continue where I left off, which was Chapter Four. c:



king Wink  
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so. [:: 11.20.11 ::]
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