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 Science Project [ 12/12/11]

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Science Project [ 12/12/11] Empty
PostSubject: Science Project [ 12/12/11]   Science Project [ 12/12/11] Icon_minitimeMon Dec 12, 2011 5:44 pm

I went to school today almost got an big fat F in science. Becaause I didn't get to do my science project [ Arctic Fox] with a Diorama and a PAPER NO TYPING ONLY HANDWORK ON THE PAPER. Luckily my dad he put the stuff on the computer for me to copy. [ I got up with it It was hard.] Since hes A great dad he put it there so I wouldn't forget. Oh and heres my paper. ookes like this is what my dad put. But what I DID. Not him, Like I went on websites blagblagblagblag gatherd some infourmation and bing, My dad helped a litte


The arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos) also known as the “ white wolf “. Is one of the most unknown animals in the world, due to its living in a harsh environment, where few humans go!

The arctic wolf lives in some of the coldest places in the world such as Alaska, Greenland and of course, the Arctic. Having thick white fur to keep it warm is much needed. They usually live in caves or dens, but can also dig shelters in the ice! They have very sharp nails on their paws to dig through solid ice. The population of wolves remains the same due to little human contact.



Arctic wolves are smaller then most wolves. Adults are usually 3ft long plus a 1 ft long tail. They have white fur, long sharp teeth, long legs. All these things together help protect the wolf from the weather and predators. Arctic wolves travel by walking alone or in packs.



To survive a arctic wolf to find food hunts in packs. They are predators that mostly hunt caribou, seals, and arctic hares. They are hunted by polar bears due to the harsh environment it lives in which keeps out humans. The “white wolf” is not endangered and its population stays balanced. To stay alive a wolf can survive in below zero weather for years in darkness for five months and without food for weeks. Arctic wolves can travel in packs from 2 to 20!



The Arctic fox is an animal who lives where most animals cant. It has thick fur made for the cold. They are animals that will come together in order to survive in packs. They are very good hunters. The arctic fox is a very unusual and special wolf!
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Science Project [ 12/12/11]
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