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 MMD Newcomer- Chibi Heather

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MMD Newcomer- Chibi Heather Empty
PostSubject: MMD Newcomer- Chibi Heather   MMD Newcomer- Chibi Heather EmptyFri Jan 13, 2012 8:24 pm

Yes, as you can see, this is a "chibi version" of me. Heather is my first name.
MMD Newcomer- Chibi Heather Mmd_ne12

Now don't post a reply saying something like "It's nice, but put different clothes on it." I CAN'T put different clothes on models. The clothes don't seem to follow the model. So, just to let you know.

I removed those "sleeves", the bow, changed the color of the hair, changed some colors, added "blue tights" (I just felt like adding tights- I wasn't really wearing tights when I made the model.)
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MMD Newcomer- Chibi Heather
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