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 Recolour Contest

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PostSubject: Recolour Contest   Recolour Contest EmptyFri Feb 03, 2012 2:05 am

I know there have been a few contests lately, this is a recolour contest.

Le rules:
No copying, stealing
Must be your OWN idea
Recolours MUST be send via PM, anyone that posts on here will be ignored.

First prize, a drawing from me on sumo paint (you will be telling me what to draw), a video on YouTube including your recolour, fantage/witchme edit, 500 marbles/stars earned on witchme OR fantage.

Second prize, a drawing from me on sumo paint, 300 stars/marbles earned on fantage OR witchme, video on youtube with your recolour.

Third prize, 200 marbles/stars earned for fantage OR witchme, drawing from me on sumo paint.

There are 10 places, no more.

If you would like to be a judge please PM me, only 1 judge spot available.

Contest close on 10th February at approximately 6pm Australia time.
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Recolour Contest
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