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 Just a normal evening... [2/14/12]

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Just a normal evening... [2/14/12] Empty
PostSubject: Just a normal evening... [2/14/12]   Just a normal evening... [2/14/12] Icon_minitimeTue Feb 14, 2012 7:03 pm

February 14, 2012

7:57PM EST

Just a normal evening today.

My brother and my dad are playing Kinect Sports: Season 2. They were playing tennis before. Man, my brother is good at tennis! He got an Ace on his first serve. He even won the 2 games, well I think he did. I was in the bathroom at the time. He was saying "Good game!" over and over while I was in the bathroom, so that tells me that he won.

They are now playing baseball. And by far, my brother is winning (Score is: 7-0)

Oh, and I submitted something on deviantart (it is an MMD picture.) If you wanna see it, here is the link:

8:02PM EST
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Just a normal evening... [2/14/12]
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