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 Back in school... strange day (2/28/12)

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Back in school... strange day (2/28/12) Empty
PostSubject: Back in school... strange day (2/28/12)   Back in school... strange day (2/28/12) Icon_minitimeTue Feb 28, 2012 2:46 pm

I am back in school! Yippee! I am gonna talk about the periods.

Periods 1-2 (Language Arts): We did some PSSA reading practice for the upcoming PSSA's in March.

Period 3 (Science): We went over last night's homework. We took some notes while reading today's lesson

Period 4 (Math): We went over last night's homework, and did some practice. We are currently learning about percents. It is so freaking easy! Well... for me.

Period 5 (Lunch): (Be prepared. A lot of typing in this period) This period was... kind of strange. I went to sit at my usual table. After about 5 minutes or so, I heard a voice say, "Hey Heather! Why don't you come sit with us?" I turned my head, and I saw Ethan, my "somewhat friend". Okay, dude, what the freak? I just got back from "overworking my stomach muscles". Just give me some room, and I don't wanna sit at an all-boys table! I went to get my lunch. And, sure enough, I heard Ethan say "Hi Heather. Do you still like Tinkerbell?". Yes, I like Tinkerbell. I've always liked her ever since I was little. I don't like her AS MUCH as I used to. Well anyway, after I was done eating, I went out on the patio. People are allowed to go out on the patio if they are done eating. So, why not? I just went outside to get some fresh air. I didn't have my jacket AND IT WAS FLIPPING COLD OUTSIDE. Well, Ethan saw me, so he sat with me. He asked me AGAIN if I wanna sit and talk with his friends. THEY. ARE. ALL. BOYS. So I refused.

Period 6 (Social Studies): (My Period 6 teacher is my favorite teacher) It's like the same as Period 3.

Period 7 (Computers): We learned on how to Cut and Copy and Grammar and Spelling Check in Microsoft Word. We didn't do much of typing.

Period 8 (Music): We took notes about the music staff, and I had to take a test that I missed yesterday.

Period 9: I read more of Book 8 of the "Cirque Due Freak" series. I checked it out of my town's public library. I am on page 112. Near the end of the period, I wrote my first name ,Heather, on the white board. My friend, Athena asked me on how my last name is spelled. So I wrote SIENZANT. Underneath it, I wrote (sayzont). That is how you pronounce my last name.
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Back in school... strange day (2/28/12)
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