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 Jump when the Bump comes {::22/3/12::}

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Jump when the Bump comes {::22/3/12::} Empty
PostSubject: Jump when the Bump comes {::22/3/12::}   Jump when the Bump comes {::22/3/12::} Icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2012 2:19 am

Yesterday I finished all four subjects
All I need to study is that darned maths
I don't even want to study it.
Today our MT (Maths teacher i'm too lazy to type) gave us an assignment and I looked at the board-
7 16
_ x _
4 8

I was looking at the board and doing the workout.
MT came here and was like, "WHY R U DAYDREEMING"
I felt like screaming
I tried to keep calm but anger was getting me
"Ma'am, I'm just DOING the WORKOUT!"
I tried to be calm but two words came out as screams.
She didn't bother anyway. Thank God. I would've been wheeled to the coordinartor's office faster than you can say "Time warp".
Today in the bus, we were playing "Jump when the Bump comes"
Read the title. You'll get the description.
All we have to do is jump when we drive over a speed bump.
I was holding onto these two bars attached to the roof, and I was dangling in midair, when suddenly we went over a speed bump.
This wasn't even a reflex action!
The friction was so much, my arms just left the rods and I fell down. Didn't get hurt, don't be alarmed.
I told it to my friends. They tried it out too, and they also felt the friction.
The whole time I was dangling from the bars and falling when bumps came ;D
I can't wait for tomorrow!
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Jump when the Bump comes {::22/3/12::}
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