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 Moi day'e (5-3-12)

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Moi day'e (5-3-12) Empty
PostSubject: Moi day'e (5-3-12)   Moi day'e (5-3-12) Icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2012 4:07 pm

Getting ready for middle school. (Pff)
The 5th graders (only) came to this middle school next to us and we had an orientation. DANG that school is big. Theres so many lockers. I am thinking about joining the cheerleaders in 7th grade. Pff only if i am long enough. Theres alot of things:

1: Step (joining)
2: Drama (joining)
3: Cheerleading (totally)
4: Dance (maybe)
5: Orchestrator
6: Band
and other things. But u got to be in 7th grade to join these thing. Ugghh. Otherwise it was fun today. And we have to practice this justin bieber song:

Some may heard it. We have to sing that song at graduation. Well thats fun! (not)
I love that song but in front of everyone? (bites nails) Well have a wangful day
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Moi day'e (5-3-12)
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