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What to do about Trade N' Sell?
Get rid of it.
 50% [ 13 ]
I can't live without it.
 19% [ 5 ]
I really don't care.
 31% [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 26

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PostSubject: Re: VINTAGE IS COMING BACK!!!   Sun Oct 20, 2013 6:25 am

Mystic wrote:
I am sorry, but I find this idea extremely stupid... The only reason why people 'support' Vintage Gold to be released is so that they can buy 'good' limiteds/beta items without actually BEING there for the event. It's extremely unfair for those of us who actually attended the event(s)/beta celebrations. And besides, the whole point of 'limited' items is that it's there for a limited time only, if they bring them back, then wouldn't that just defeat the whole purpose of them being there for a limited time only? (Same goes with holiday/beta celebration items).
Please don't say it will kill off all the scammers and hackers, because believe me, there are still hackers around when there is no trade and sell. Besides, trade and sell is the easiest way for non-members to get e-coins via selling items, closing it will just cause more complain. Not everyone can afford membership/e-coins.
can i just

the same thing applies to trade and sell as well but all the wannabe fanteige fAmoUs rArE B3TA!!11!1!1 people from 2012/2013 seem to love it lol!

also, the only way to hack back then (and in the future when trade and sell is gone) would be to delete buddies, spend stars and ecoins and sell the clothes to lucky bobs. the hacker gains no benefits from doing this, unless it's for revenge purposes and even then, that method of revenge is stupid anyway. although there were a lot of hackers back then, the number certainly grew when trade and sell came along and it grew to the point where friends were hacking each other.

the only thing i agree with is the earning stars/ecoins thing. i'm too lazy to play games so the selling part is the only thing i will miss.

i liked the days when wearing clothes from vintage and rare items from orion was cool. those were the days man
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PostSubject: Re: VINTAGE IS COMING BACK!!!   Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:32 am

oh what's Vintage? like just old items? ouo??
cant wait to see them *w*
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