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 I hate my school nurse (11/12/13)

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PostSubject: I hate my school nurse (11/12/13)   Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:35 am

The nurse at my school isn't really nice. I don’t think she even likes me! I had to go down four times before she eventually called my mom. Four times! I was complaining about side pain that was right on the hip. The nurse said that I am fine. No, I am in pain! Something is wrong! I have a high tolerance for pain. But side pain? I cannot handle that!

So I have gotten sent home from school. I have a heating pad on my left hip. I’m starting to think that I might of pulled a muscle while I was sleeping last night.

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PostSubject: Re: I hate my school nurse (11/12/13)   Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:10 pm

Youshould tell your headteacher! if you don't , don't  My school doesn't have a nurse their all friendly (well one of my teachers were but she's retired she told me off for saying what I mean come on you can't always say "are you doing" instead of "what are you doing.".)
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PostSubject: Re: I hate my school nurse (11/12/13)   Tue Nov 12, 2013 3:19 pm

Did you tell her how you feel? Or are you scared to do that because you could get in trouble or something? You could tell your parents about the nirse and they could email the principal.

I hate how some teachers can really be so mean. I mean, this is a nurse! They should understand that you might NOT be fine.

Worthless connection to this topic:In third grade I thought I had lice. I went down to the nurses office. When I told her I think that I might have lice...You know what she said? She said "What am I supposed to do? I am a teacher, not a doctor!" Like, seriously -_-
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PostSubject: Re: I hate my school nurse (11/12/13)   Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:02 pm

Tell the principal and she will probably talk to the nurse or even fire her, if this has been the case for other students in your school. I think the nurse underestimated the pain or probably thought that as long as it doesn't affect the other kids, you can go to school. Many teachers that are mean only follow what they're given to teach or do and dismiss everything else, and complain about how much work it is for them. So, you can either tell somebody or deal with it. Nothing much to do about it, really.
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PostSubject: Re: I hate my school nurse (11/12/13)   

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I hate my school nurse (11/12/13)
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