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 OMG! The most exciting thing EVER just happened!

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Icarus Fell
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PostSubject: OMG! The most exciting thing EVER just happened!   Sat Aug 09, 2014 10:55 pm

No, it didn't. Nothing excited at all happened. Just wanted to give you a tiny rush of adrenaline. Made you look though, right? c:

So that this post will actually be about my day:
Today I woke up at 12pm since I stayed up all night. Insomnia bites, you know. Then I read a book. It was titled: Murder as a Fine Art. I recommend you not read it if you're faint-hearted. Following that, I tried to have as much conversation as I could for the rest of the day. I'd like to hone my conversational skills, as to become a better writer, and conversationalist. Then my step-dad barbecued, and I ate. I felt rather queasy at the end of the meal, which has become habitual after eating any foods. Hopefully I don't have any stomach ulcer. Then I read some articles on the wonderful Internet. Now it's 11:44PM, and I decided to come back to Fantage Forum. I hope this place could liven up a bit. Don't leave this place to die.
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OMG! The most exciting thing EVER just happened!
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