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 Birthday Party~

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PostSubject: Birthday Party~   Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:00 am

Today was my cousin Elvis's birthday. It was actually yesterday, but we couldn't do the party on a Thursday cause we had school. So we did it today. Anywho, after we blew out the cake, we had a pinata. [Even if Elvis turned 25 LOL] It was so fun! I was recording, but I didn't get to hit. D: XD [Maybe 'cos I didn't want to yet. xD] So, we spun Elvis around 10 times, then he hit. After that, it was supposed to be me, but I didn't want to. So it was my friend/cousin/whatever Panya's turn. When we were spinning him 10 times, he almost fell over. xD Then, when he hit, the whole bottom fell off and candy splattered everywhere. Then we taped it, and put the candy back. LOL. When my cousin Janny poured out the candy, we were grabbing it like crazy. Then, my cousins, including teens, were fighting over the candy. LOLOL. It was so fun~


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Birthday Party~
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