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 Fantage Parties Invitation

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PostSubject: Fantage Parties Invitation   Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:04 am

I am hosting 4 parties this week pick a time that suits you and all the parties are posted here and if I wasn't available at that time I will be doing another party.

Saturday: Magenta Pony
Place: My place
Time: Around noon or at night (Australia time)

Sunday: White Seal
Place: Sunblock
Time: Same as above

Monday: Brown Bear
Place: My place
Time: 7-7:30 pm (Australia time)

Tuesday: Copper Camel
Place: VIP room (sorry members only)
Time: 7-7:30 pm (Australia time)

That's all keep watching this topic in case of any changes.
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Fantage Parties Invitation
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