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PostSubject: Re: No no   No no EmptyTue Oct 11, 2011 2:01 am

Mr.Taost wrote:
Okay, I know I'm in fifth grade and I should know this, but I'm really supposed to be in fourth, soo.....

How do I turn a decimal into a fraction?
How do I turn a fraction into a decimal?


Learning to dissect.


I need help with this....

________________SOCIAL STUDIES________________

Nothing yet.


I don't even know what this is but I got it from Adventure Time. ;3 I'm not being serious with this, bro.


I'm level T so I don't really need help with this.


I would love if someone can give me violin lessons. Or tips. Loo.


To convert a decimal to a fraction -

Say the decimal was 0.96. The fraction version is 96 over 100 and I have no idea how to explain that. But it just is
If the decimal is 3.65 it'd be a mixed fraction, so 3 and 65 over 100. Or, an improper fraction, and 365 over 100.
I can't explain it sorrrryy.

For fraction to decimal, just divide the top number by the bottom number. Easy Razz

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