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 Felina Gazawalzwen Chapter Three

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PostSubject: Felina Gazawalzwen Chapter Three   Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:00 am

Note: Maria has been changed to Felina, due to the fact that the way I was pronouncing it for the story, is really spelled like marea or even maheara.

When thy friends are ineth danger, thee do anything, that comes to thy head...

Felina Grabbed a branch from the fire, and thrust it at the leaping vampire. It let out a loud screech, and dropped back to the ground. Felina noticed its eyes were stormy gray, not blood shot. "If your not hungry, then why are you here?" she asked. "I'm here because..." Her body seemed to shimmer and distort. "Oh Crap..." She said, and morphed into her human self. She was again, the spikey blonde teenager. "H-h-hello?" she asked with some confusion. Ugh. Vampires. thought Felina. They're memory loss is really annoying. Vampires, are not like us humans think they are. They do not morph into a bat and fly around harassing the town. They don't sleep in coffins, why would they? Its really stuffy in those. Now back to the story. Felina quickly related to the girl that she had been attacking them. "Sorry" she said, a little shamefully. "It's just when i'm hungry, you know us vamps go mad." Felina just nodded. "Since your not in your vampey form, can you eat regular food?" asked Zezori. Zezori! She'd forgotten about Zezori. "Er, Yes" the vamp girl. "Help yourself to the food we have left, but what is your name?" asked Felina. "Emily Rose." said Emily. "Well, Hello Emily." said Zezori. "Let me tell you about myself," said Emily. Maria and Zezori sat on a pile of rocks a few feet away. "Well, My names Emily, like i said. And well I live with the Nuvwalemet." Felina perked up, "Isn't that the head tribe of vampires?" she asked. "Yes, I'm only in it cause my mother and father were. And they can't kick me out unless i murder a member or die. I plan to do neither." She hesitated for a moment and then went on with her story. " Well, there's not much else to say," she finished. "How come you are alone and not with your tribe?" asked Felina "I ran away," She grinned wickedly. "They know i'll come back when i need too." Felina just nodded. "Thanks for the food," said Emily. "I fear that when I'm back to my vampire self i'll attack you." Felina glanced up. "Is the memory loss really that bad?" she asked. "Well I- I think there's a cure." Felina suddenly recalled the old song that had the cure in it,

Twixt the moon and the tree
With some honey of the bee
Your going to thank me
Cause all your problems are solved
And Strongest of all

It was just a simple song they had sang before bed. "Of course, Honey. Thats the oldest and most simple cure for memory loss." Felina took out a small jar filled with brown honey. "Take a few doses of this and you should be fine." Emily stuck her finger in the jar 3 times, and licked off the honey. "Thanks much! And just in time too. I feel it coming." She was right, within moments her body shimmered and she was in her vampire form. "Well, Now i'm as fit as can be. Lets have some fun." She tapped Felina's shoulder, "IT!" and ran lightning fast into the woodland. "Not so quick vampire! Silly girl, you should know even the slowest Marvwallen could beat a vampire!" She yelled into the woodland while laughing. Her laugh was a loud, enchanting, and musical laugh. It would knock any boy into a trance. Felina took note of her surroundings as she ran. To a human she was just wind. If you were lucky, you'd see her in a blur, but when you blinked. The trees would just appear to have been blown by the wind. Felina giggled as she ran. She quickly caught site of the auburn haired vampire. Thats when she noticed Zezori, running behind her. Zezori the cat was running faster then any normal cat could. She would have put shame to any cheetah. She was grinning in a wicked cat way as she zoomed past Felina. Felina who had been running nowhere near her top speed so it would be fair yelled, "Oh no you don't!" and put on an extra burst of speed over taking Zezori easily. "IT!" she yelled and dissolved into the trees. She noticed Emily bound up a large tree. She followed suit. Jumping onto the nearest branch she began her descent upwards. She stopped at the branch where Emily was perched. She grinned, and whipped out a long sword. "Care to spar?" she asked. Maria whipped out a long but flexible looking sword. "Ready!" She yelled...


Sorry, its really early when i'm writing this, I forgot what I was doing half way through. I'll write the other half of this later

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PostSubject: Re: Felina Gazawalzwen Chapter Three   Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:09 am

cool story. i like the part when it said "Oh Crap..." She said, and morphed into her human self. this is a interesting story i have read. 10/10
and the fist part is my favorite too.
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PostSubject: Re: Felina Gazawalzwen Chapter Three   Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:38 am

That's amazing!!! I just love it when you add so much detail!! This is the best story I have ever read!
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PostSubject: Re: Felina Gazawalzwen Chapter Three   

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Felina Gazawalzwen Chapter Three
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