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 My Fantastic Day [11/6/10]

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PostSubject: My Fantastic Day [11/6/10]   Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:33 pm

Okay. So I had a great morning.
I went to my friends house until 2 in the morning, we played Combat Arms, Infamous, watched Sponebob and traded some Pokemon. at 2:30 went to sleep,
woke up and found out about day light's saving's, watched some Garfield,
played on my mom's computer...... then played on my own.
Played on my D.S, got bored, went on the forum, ate at A&W (yum!) Had some hot chocolate......
Dad arrived from work, played with the snow, now I'm on the forum posting all this.
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My Fantastic Day [11/6/10]
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