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 My day.. [ 11.29.11 ]

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PostSubject: My day.. [ 11.29.11 ]   Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:29 pm

November 29, 2011
today has been okay.
Kinda got in trouble in Language Arts for talking, rofl. Oh well.
So, I found out that Rocky is my cousin like last week. He doesn't call me by my name anymore. He calls me 'cousin' or 'oun' , which is 'young one' in Cambodian. I call him 'bong' 'cause he's older than me. I call Omar bong too, even if he's not Cambodian, lol.

We almost got hit by a whole bunch of balls at recess today. Luckily, my son-in-law & son were there to protect their elderly mother, loololololol
Christopher let me wear his sweater. Wore it until recess was over. :c
I ended up getting it back at lunch though, lol.

Omar thought I was looking at him in history. I was drifting off, & happened to look in his direction. He was like, giving me the sup nod, & tried to get my attention, lol.

He told me that he loved me with all of his heart. Then, he said a quarter, & I got mad. So, he said half, lol. He kept on telling me that he loves me and all that shiet. [x

Alex & Daniel were being weird to me at recess. They were saying random stuff when I was walking to the line. Alex was like, "Hi! I'll be back with a cast!" & Daniel said, "DO YOU LIKE MY FOHAWK?!" LOL

Phu told me that Sean likes me. Apparently, he likes five girls. When he told me, I was like, "..Eww.." rofl

I scare people. Phu, Darwen, & Christopher say that I'm mean. Phu says that I scare him. I take it as compliments, tho~ c:

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My day.. [ 11.29.11 ]
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