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 Career Week (3/22/12)

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PostSubject: Career Week (3/22/12)   Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:25 pm

This week is career week at my school. Yesterday a man and a couple of other people who work in the police industry, came in with 2 dogs! They were huge. The dogs barked around the school too. The dogs are police dogs. They smell drugs and lost people. They hid drugs in a cone and one man knew were it was and all of us didn't. Even the workers and dog. Than the dog came back in the gym (where we was) and sniffed the cones and got the drugs! It was a smart dog. Also another worker had a huge coat on and the dog was waiting outside (it has a outside entrance going to the gym) with the fresh air and than boom. They let it go and it jumped on the sweater and bit it. When they work hard they get a chew toy. C.

Now today, a camera guy came in. Think it was boring? Nope! He films for lil wayne and other celebs and even comercials. Yep! Right in our classrooms. He makes lotssss of money he says. He gave us producer earplugs and everyone went crazy. After he left everyone wanted that job.

Than after lunch we went to the gym again today and a personal fitness trainer came in and told us about health and stuff. Than he made 2 students (one boy and girl) do push ups. Than the next two, one girl beat the record. They boy on did 4-5 .O
Girl Powa c.

So yesterday and today was pretty fun. I wonder what we are having tomorrow
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PostSubject: Re: Career Week (3/22/12)   Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:32 pm

Wow... you have the best school ever. First the university, now this. I'm so jealous lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Career Week (3/22/12)   Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:15 am

wow, lol. i just had fun with a friend xD we went to the mall for lunch
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PostSubject: Re: Career Week (3/22/12)   

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Career Week (3/22/12)
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