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 Very amazing day.. [8/3/13]

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Very amazing day.. [8/3/13] Empty
PostSubject: Very amazing day.. [8/3/13]   Very amazing day.. [8/3/13] Icon_minitimeSat Aug 03, 2013 11:24 pm

Sorry, I didn't wrote it yesterday because I was really wet because of a very strong rain.

And yeah, It's also my amazing day because Me and almost all of my classmates got wet in the rain and yeah, we really have fun that day. I even forgot about the day the breakers thingy read my diary.. And yesterday was really the best day! It's just that the rain is soo strong and me and my classmates didn't even brought any umbrella.. instead we only brought a jacket. And me and my other classmate which is a boy.. shared with me the jacket.. 2 people in one jacket under the rain. OMG! it's in my bucketlist! I didn't realize it would really came true!!.. xD and that boy I shared with is I have a little bit crush on him.. LOL!
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Very amazing day.. [8/3/13]
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