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 The Hunger Games Club!

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The Hunger Games Club! Empty
PostSubject: The Hunger Games Club!   The Hunger Games Club! Icon_minitimeSat Sep 07, 2013 5:02 pm

Hi. So basically, this is a Hunger Games fanclub. You can discuss the Hunger Games & upcoming movies, share fandom love, shippings, fanart that you've either found or drawn, fan-fiction, and even more! Even Hunger Games-inspired Fantagian looks. Purplebook inspired me to make this after her suggestion topic. Click here to view it.

Like any good club, this club has rules. They're meant to keep feelings from being hurt & to keep this club a fun, friendly place!

1. No bullying. By this, I mean no disrespecting others' opinions on a certain subject, no rudeness towards a user with a different opinion than yours, and so on. I think it'll be easy to follow this one, since we're a bit too mature for that kind of silliness. Surprised
2. No hate. If you join this club, you're obviously a fan on the Hunger Games, right? Please don't join just to bash other users for liking the Trilogy and to make fun of them.
3. No shipping hate! If you disagree with someone else's ship, please don't be rude and list them 23456 reasons why your ship is better than theirs. It's rude and just causes unneeded drama. It's fine if you don't agree with their ship, but please, don't make a scene!
4. Be respectful. Although this is pretty self-explanatory, allow me to further explain. Make sure you always respect someone else's opinion on something, even if you think it's the stupidest thing ever or don't agree on it. Here's an example:

Lilygirl12: I love the ship Betee x Johanna. I think it's funny how she calls him Volts!
Lisababy12: That's such a stupid ship, Lily. Betee obviously isn't for Johanna. Gosh, aren't you smart enough to know that? NO ONE ELSE SHIPS THEM!

You see how Lisababy12 is disrespecting Lilygirl12's opinion on a ship? That isn't allowed here, because it's mean and if you say it the way Lisababy12 did, feelings would most likely get hurt and it could lead to a fight which could result in the fanclub being locked or shut down.

5.Don't fight over favourite characters! This is just wrong. Let's say you really, really like Katniss, and she's your all-time favourite character. Then, another user comes along and says they adore Katniss. DON'T GET DEFENSIVE! You don't own the character. Katniss, or any other character, is a character that everyone can appreciate/love.

Those are all the rules for now. I might add more later, depending on if they're needed or not. Anyone can join, as long as they follow the rules. If they don't, I'll politely ask them to leave the fanclub. There's no form or anything; You don't have to ask to join or just post that you're joining. You can start posting right away! Also, just so you know, I'm the fanclub's main leader, but that doesn't mean I over-power everyone. Anyways, let the fun begin! Very Happy
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The Hunger Games Club!
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