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 Cookie Clicker -RP APPS-

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PostSubject: Cookie Clicker -RP APPS-   Cookie Clicker -RP APPS- Icon_minitimeSun Sep 29, 2013 2:47 pm

Because why not


For 10 years, Cookie Clicker Enterprises has been the most successful industry in the world.

With over 1,000,000 spin-off companies, Cookie Clicker Enterprises (or CCE) has made loads of cash, cash, cash.

But this all comes with a price.

CCE has recruited many people who wanted to have a job there. For the elderly, this is different.

Every elderly person CCE spots are taken and sold into slavery, and their job is to make cookies (duh) and are the most efficient cookie creators that power CCE. But what CCE doesn't know is where they got there award-winning cookies. Where they got it was from the first grandma they every bought.

The queen of the Grandmatriarchs.

The grandmatriarchs had been in it since the beginning. CCE stole their cookies. Now they want it back. To do so the millions of grandmas working there will have to plot their revenge. They steal infants and baking utensils. one by one they disappear. Some recruits leave with them, too.

The army is coming.

Here the various things you can be in the RP~

One Person: Only one person can have each role.

Queen of the Grandmatriarchs- You are the controller of the regular grandmatriarchs. You decide when you will rise and destroy and stuff, sort of like the war leader/ president. PM me for this role.

The Cookie Creator- Owner of CCE. You can hold meetings with the spinoff companies, and decide what to do against the grandmatriarchs, like the war leader or owner or boss. PM me for this role.

Multiple People: Multiple people can be the same thing.

Grandma/grandpa- A grandmatriarch disguised as an elder, working for CCE. You get a cookie-related power and can be any age, not just old because you look old from the disguise. You can give powers to any recruit and still keep yours.

Recruit- A person who got a job at CCE and is NOT old or disguised, just a regular person. You can agree with the grandmatriarchs in exchange for a great cookie power, you can disagree and tell the company what happened, you could be one of the babies that the grandmatriarchs stole and have grown up now. It's your choice.

Spin-off Owner- You have a spin-off company from CCE, you may name it anything you want. You could be the first one out there, the most important one out there, or you could just be the newest boss. Your choice what the company does or doesn't do.

Citizen- A citizen who loves CCE's amazing cookies. When the grandmatriarchs start attacking you and turning people into grandmatriarchs, what will you do?


1. Be active. You don't know how annoying it is when you log out during a dramatic scene and everyone is waiting on you and the RP goes nowhere. Keep the Rp going at a good pace.

2. Romance and Violence will be kept low.

3. Don't be annoying.

4. Quit if you can't keep up. Do it early or don't join in the first place.

5. All normal rp rules apply.

6. Put your favorite emote in your app to prove you have read the rules.



Add-ons: (fill these out if you have a specific role)


Job(Miner, Farmer, etc):

Company you work in(main one, which is owned by the creator, or someone else’s, or can leave blank for random.):

Encounter with grandmatriarchs?:

If so, what happened?:


Cookie Power:

Grandma Type:

Spin-off Company Owner-

Spin-off Company Name:

Specialty Cookie(Optional, specialize in plain cookies, peanut butter cookies, etc):

Company Description:


Encounter with the grandmatriarchs?:

If so, what happened?:

And I think that’s it. (finally) This might be edited once or twice, so be ready to edit your app when you need to.

Stop laughing now.
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Cookie Clicker -RP APPS-
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