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 Opell's Crack [PRIVATE RP]

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PostSubject: Opell's Crack [PRIVATE RP]   Opell's Crack [PRIVATE RP] EmptySat Nov 02, 2013 8:56 pm

[spoiler]basically like some people have a gem and depending on where it is on their body it carries a diffs type of elemental magic (earth, light, air, water, fire, etc.) and when they're born with the gem their soul is connected to another """spiritual""" being (called a mentor) and they're the only ones who can activates and use the gem's powers.  however the person possessing the gem can tell them what attacks to make.
but then theres these things called blixes and they use elemental magic at birth but theyre known to be thieves of the gems so that they can give extra power to their magic (and sometimes give an extra element if done right and also they dont need a mentor)
so theres these people in a squad that are licensed detectives that investigate the cases like that (in my thing two are connor and amy) and yeah idk
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PostSubject: Re: Opell's Crack [PRIVATE RP]   Opell's Crack [PRIVATE RP] EmptySat Nov 02, 2013 10:41 pm

((had to double post since i reached the character limit. ill make my app later but heres the basics:

Cecil is an elemental and possesses a water-type gem. She's about 5'7" (yes tall for a chick) and is 20 years old. She has straight black hair that reaches her chin, and dark skin, but striking blue eyes like her gem, which lays between the gap of her two collarbones. Her dad was also an elemental, and has been training her since she was four years old. She currently trains to make herself stronger every day, but has a side-job as a sorceress' assistant. She's able to ski on water barefoot, make a whirlpool, and a bubble, with the help of her mentor, Ilīth.))

"Cecil, I've added a new potion to the menu!" the head sorceress called to her. "Make sure you stock up the display cabinets with it, dear."
Once she heard the order, Cecil ran into the brewery. The sorceress had filled up bottles labelled with "COLD, ONLY TO BE HANDLED BY EMPLOYEE" and colored a pale blue. A cold spell? she thought. I didn't think Elsa had it in her.
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Opell's Crack [PRIVATE RP]
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