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 The unexciting exciting day! 6/22/14

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The unexciting exciting day! 6/22/14 Empty
PostSubject: The unexciting exciting day! 6/22/14   The unexciting exciting day! 6/22/14 Icon_minitimeSun Jun 22, 2014 9:20 pm

Today was a big day that is somehow not so big and quite uneventful except for about 4 and a half minutes of it. Tbh Im not really sure.

So like I had this big recital thingy for violin and Im all freaked out because 1. I screwed up on my first one and 2. I just had a horrible audition for the orcestra in my new school because the teacher was bad and didnt let me finish my piece because he didnt have time.

So yeh I warmed up and everything and tried to enjoy my day until finally it was time to go. When we got there I was put in the last seat (yeh Im supposed to be last) and sat there waiting. Basically all the little kiddies who didnt play well went first and as the recital progressed things got better and less out of tune. The whole time I was wiping sweat from my hands so I could play without slipping and stuff. Fun.

My teacher mostly teaches the same things to kids except for a few so there were like 33% the exact same little kid piece, 16% the first movement of a vivaldi concerto, 50% some beetoven romance or something, and 1% something else, including me. I was the only person who wasn't playing with a piano, and the only person playing without music to look at. So take all the things that you think would make this stressful and multply it by 4146895214600238. Yeh. You get the idea.

But when I get on stage and just like, play it, that's it. Congraduations. You're done. It was 4 and a half minutes long and it felt like 2 seconds. So the audience goes clap clap clap and you're thinking "whhhuuuuuttttt?" and all that runs through your mind is whatever you screwed up on or whatever. Then you go and have a nice dinner and post your day on the internet, and you reflect on this day and realise a lot can happen in 4 and a half minutes. And that was my exciting not really that exciting but still day. Its wierd how fast it goes O.o
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The unexciting exciting day! 6/22/14
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