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 farewell and thank you

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PostSubject: farewell and thank you   farewell and thank you Icon_minitimeSun May 29, 2016 6:15 pm

wow, so i can't believe it's actually come to this, but this forum is officially dead now??? i realize upon lurking through the forum that most of the people i knew and loved from here haven't come online in months, and the community that we all used to have here is, well, gone. i'm sure the ones who do still come on here won't recognize who i am (i was hop/oswin/o btw), let alone even see this post. but for those of you who do see this and who i was friends with back in the height of this forum, i just wanted to say a formal goodbye and thank you all (this is probably gonna get cheesy so watch out y'all).

looking back on the time i spent on this forum, i basically grew up on here. i joined fantage forum as an immature, annoying 10 year old, and you guys have helped me grow into who i am today. now that i have highschool, sports, and relationship drama to deal with, i'm grateful for the time i got to spend here and the friends i made through this forum. thank you all so much for sharing your art, humor, talents, advice, and friendship with me and everyone else on fantage forum. i cannot express enough how happy i am to have spent four years of my life growing and changing through the guidance of all of you.

i would like to especially thank:

elliot, alex/ani, toast/anna, abbey, relora, sarah, eva/matthew, makkine, oliver, etiquette, angie/flower, disney, spy-der, cake, and many more

you guys were such great friends, especially during my most cringe-worthy, pretentious times as a 12-year-old. i will deeply miss our skype calls, sessions, tinychat meetups, and all the wonderful connections we got to have. it's sad that this forum has to come to an end, but i will always be grateful for what it was.

thank you all, i'll miss you. <3
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PostSubject: Re: farewell and thank you   farewell and thank you Icon_minitimeSat Jun 04, 2016 9:30 pm

ahh i'm legit tearing up rn. your post makes me so nostalgic, and i can't relate more.
i wish you the best for the future and hope that it's a great one!! we've had the best times on here and it's rlly sad that they have now passed, but it is what it is.
goodbye :,)
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PostSubject: Re: farewell and thank you   farewell and thank you Icon_minitimeTue Jun 07, 2016 8:05 pm

just saw this and im tearing up so much, i remember our calls and how we always used to talk ab art <333 thank you so much for that special thank you, it means more than you will ever know.,,.im so happy you came on to say farewell and i just so happened to see this post, i love you and i hope you're having an amazing, happy life
thank you and goodbye
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PostSubject: Re: farewell and thank you   farewell and thank you Icon_minitime

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farewell and thank you
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