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 Luke's new life Chapter 1 school.

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Luke's new life Chapter 1 school. Empty
PostSubject: Luke's new life Chapter 1 school.   Luke's new life Chapter 1 school. EmptySat Oct 22, 2011 7:49 pm

If you saw the Professor Layton story: Unwound Future Luke had moved away. I am making my own story. Will He ever handle it without the professor Find out right now!

Dear Second Grade Journal
Today is my first day of school but I am missing the Professor already!!! I met this nice girl named Maple though I really hope I can make new friends. Oh gotta go I'll write later! ~Bye Luke.

" Alright Class its time to take out our reading books and to page 5" said Mrs. Amy. I flipped to page 5 and stared at my reading book. Then I heard giggling and whispering while two girls staring at me. I didn't bother looking at them. As she started reading I heard part of what the two girls said " Teehee that Luke boy is cute!" Said the first girl. The second girl nodded and said " Heehee I know!" They waved at me suddenly, I pretended I didn't see them. When the teacher was finished talking the bell rang,it was time for lunch. I stared at the two girls,as I was staring Maple said " Hey Luke do you like those two girls or something?" She said frowning, I always knew Maple had a crush on me but I didn't like like her. " Nope I just um.." Maple smiled " ha ha o.k Luke lets go before that boy comes!" As everyone walked in the lunch room I breathed in and thought " ...why does it smell like fish? the menu isn't fish today. Hm." Maple frowned and said " Is there something wrong? Does my fish key chain smell bad?" I quickly said " Not at all!" As I turned around I bumped into someone who was wearing a bright skirt with wavy hair. I said shocked "F-Flora is that you?!" Flora smiled and said " I just came in school a few seconds ago!" I wanted to complement her skirt but my words wouldn't come out. " What happened to you??!? You look different!" Flora took my hand and said " Come with me I'll tell you." I know I have a big crush on Flora but I'd never tell.. Maple frowned a big frown and said sadly " B-But Luke you said-" Flora cut off her sentence and said " I'm going to play with Luke today." I said " R-Really?" Maple just hided her tears and said " O.K Luke.. I'll see you at the playground I guess." Flora said quietly in her ear when I wasn't looking " Leave him alone or you will never see him again." Maple just hided her tears and said " O.K" Maple hid behind the corner to see us. " Hey Flora I brought-AH!!" I had slipped on some greasy stuff. I had landed on Flora. Just then.. Maple came running in tears at the table. I said " WAIT!" But she was already gone.

I'll get chapter 2 done! Don't rush me :l
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Luke's new life Chapter 1 school. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Luke's new life Chapter 1 school.   Luke's new life Chapter 1 school. EmptySun Oct 23, 2011 11:20 am

I like this story I cant wait until more c:
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Luke's new life Chapter 1 school.
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