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 So today. [[11.18.11]]

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So today. [[11.18.11]] Empty
PostSubject: So today. [[11.18.11]]   So today. [[11.18.11]] Icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2011 11:49 am

I didn't go to school. Because theres this event here called 'La Puertorriqueñidad[i live in puerto rico]'
And schools make us do stuff on it, like dance to typical songs and bring typical food and puerto rican candy and blah blah [which i do not eat, tastes bad. yuck.]
and A hates participating and dancing and dressing like a jibara so she didnt go.
Eh, if you're wondering what we're supposed to dress as, it's something like;
Not Pictured: Dignity.

So yeah, I would really really dislike to dress like that.
I'm getting an F
but OHGOD I WOULDNT DRESS LIKE THAT well i did for two years...till i decided you dont get anything for participating, you just waist your time and money Razz

So yes, I'm going to clean my room now. Bye.
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So today. [[11.18.11]]
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