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 hey all you "artists" read this ok

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hey all you "artists" read this ok Empty
PostSubject: hey all you "artists" read this ok   hey all you "artists" read this ok Icon_minitimeSun Mar 25, 2012 4:21 am

ok look
im just going to explain to everybody that tracing over something someone else drew then changing it a little bit does not make it art. its not cool to steal it from the original artist either. especially if you dont ask

and you guys shouldnt try and copy someone elses artistic style either i mean seriously if you copy it its just a cheap knockoff and the originals always going to be better so just come up with your own style or experiment and find something theres no improving if you copy off someone

id also like to say colouring a picture isnt art
its not art unless YOU made the lineart and made the whole thing yourself
and yes what im saying is recolouring a stupid fantage sprite isnt art
if you EDIT it and change it up like magdaleena does then its actually art. she makes drastic changes on the sprites rather than just changing colours

what im saying is
ASK people before you colour a picture THEY drew
if you DO post it give them FULL credit for the outline
and if you pretty much copy what someone did or trace them DONT ask for rates or critiques because you didnt do anything so people shouldnt be rating whatever it is you posted
oh and ask for permission BEFORE you post the drawing too

its not cool to steal art and it doesnt make you cool
and you dont get any better at anything unless you actually draw pictures
you kiddos are all pretty young so youre probably not going to understand what i mean by that

if you want to actually make art then MAKE art dont just trace over someone or copy how a person does things because you wont improve

ive been drawing for at least three years and ive made great progress but thats because i dont steal anything

i will say i have traced pictures for reference before such as finding a picture i like and then going over the lines a few times to see if i can get the hang of it
like to see if i can actually apply it in my own drawings
and sometimes i do but i add a bit of "me" into it if you know what i mean by that

but at least i dont completely steal what someone drew
thats just not cool

there are a couple of quality artists on this forum but theres one in general i know you guys look up to
i mean i know you look up to them but that doesnt mean copy what they do and how they do it
if they inspire you thats great but come up with your own way to do things

anyway yeah im done here
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hey all you "artists" read this ok
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