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 The Sun & The Moon Interline (STORY BY NOAH)

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PostSubject: The Sun & The Moon Interline (STORY BY NOAH)   Sat Dec 29, 2012 2:10 pm

~Not my best story will get better in the future bleh lets begin~

Rain prickles down the glass window as I sit on my bed,staring at the blank ceiling which to me is very appealing.I bet you don't think its a great introduction to my not so perfect life eh?Well let me tell you about myself,my name is Riley I just turned 21 years old and still looking at the ceiling.OH!But I do have a sister,her name is Carlie she is also turning 21 years old today.YUP!Were twins,and our birthdays are on Halloween.

When the snobby kids knock at your door begging for candy,and you have to plaster a fake smile and put candy in their bags.Ugh!I dread Halloween.But,today became one of those days..where you wanna know more.

Halloween..The day my life took a turn...

Should I write more????
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The Sun & The Moon Interline (STORY BY NOAH)
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