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 Highschool Life [6/29/13]

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PostSubject: Highschool Life [6/29/13]   Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:08 am

Yessh! It's already Saturday so I could now hangout with my love (the internet)

Yesh, I'm now in highschool and OMG! really! a lot happened..
Someone just confessed at me.. He said.. Daisuki (I like you) Luckily my teacher saves me.. Said.. Okay okay let's all be quiet.. xD
And yeah, Highschool life is very busy. So many homeworks especially when you are one of the High School Supreme Student Council xD.
Yesh, I know some of you is enjoying summer.. But me I'm suffering and enjoying Highschool life.. xD
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Highschool Life [6/29/13]
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