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 The Great Forest {RP} APPS

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PostSubject: The Great Forest {RP} APPS   Fri Sep 06, 2013 7:48 pm

Welcome to the Great Forest... I am the Creator who made this magical land, and you are currently up in the Cloud of Decision. You are currently nothing but a concept, and I will grant you life. But first, you need to decide what path you will choose. Will you go to the White Woods, where you can live in peace and harmony with the folk that live there, or will you go to the Dark Woods, a place full of monsters and other such, they live peacefully, but in their own way. Who are you? One of the 3 Noble Dragons, one of the 4 Guardian Wolves, a Divine or a Magical Being, an Animal, or a Human who came to the forest? I, The Creator, am giving you a choice... so choose... choose your path!
This RP is based on Dangan Fairytale, a Dangan Ronpa AU. There are pre-made characters, but I'm allowing you to make your own. Also, just so its not just another "Dangan Ronpa RP", I prefer you to change the name of the DR Character. Make up your own name. Find info about Dangan Fairytale, types, and characters here. Again, this isn't another Dangan Ronpa RP, so don't think of it that way and not sign up.
Though, most of the white woods know he's a boy too, but they pretend they don't know so he doesn't freak out.

Junko- She came to the forest with her sister to find the inhabitants of the forest and learn more about them. She's already hunted many, has captured a demon, and made clothing out of the fur of the best she's killed. The girl wants to become immortal, a divine being, she already loathes her kind. 

Mukuro- The sister of a hunter, she is one too. Instead of making her sister get her hands dirty, she cooks all the food, finding new ways to make animals taste delicious. But, she only cooks non-magic animals, as she doesn't find it fair to kill rare animals like these. She seems to be very emotionless. She's not as interested in becoming a Divine Being, but she supports her sister very much. She disguises herself as a crow.

Mondo- One of the 4 Guardian Wolves, his nickname is "the big bad wolf". He has special powers, and makes sure no one from the White Woods is harmed by a creature from the Dark Woods. He's also in charge of guiding White Woods' inhabitants back home if they needed to be (eg. getting lost in the dark woods)

Ishimaru- He is a rabbit, and he's very loud, making sure everyone is doing the right things and following the rules of the White Woods. He's good friends with Mondo and Fujisaki, and he's not so easy to talk with.

Maizono- She's a siren of the Lively Lake of the White Woods. She uses her singing voice to make men fall in love with her, but she only has her eye on one man, the Fire Sprit Leon. She's very perky, but she can protect herself.

Touko- She seems like a normal human with a head injury,because the bandages around her forehead. But, under the bandages is her other mouth who she is trying to keep out. If she takes off her bandages her other personality is released from a mark on her head she's hiding. She lives in the outskirts of the White Woods.

Ishida- Ishida is Ishimaru's doppelganger from the Dark Woods. He's a rabbit too, and his personality is almost the same. He tends to curse more, and he's violent. He also hangs out with Mondo, though he's never met Ishimaru before.

Sakura- A tengu, she is very strong and wise. Her strength gives her the ability to save many people, but many are also scared of her, and don't want her to save them. She's nice, but looks cold on the outside.

Leon- A human-turned-fire-spirit cursed by Celes, he is Naegi's helper. He wears shackles on him, for he isn't allowed to leave the lantern he lives in. He likes to flirt with girls, but he stopped when he met Maizono. 

Togami- He's one of the 3 Noble Dragons, and his element is earth. He's very arrogant, stubborn, and hard to talk to. He looks down upon everyone below him, calling them "commoners" and "peasants".

Hagakure- A forest spirit, not so wise. But, he know all about the history of the forest, and is willing to tell you anything. He is immortal, and a Divine Being. He only uses his power for good, and lives in the White Woods.

Celestia- A powerful witch who lives in the Dark Woods, she uses her power for evil. She makes potions and attacks monsters, but her main target is Mondo, who she wishes to eliminate and take over the Great Forest.

Aoi- She's a water nymph who lives in a spring in the White Woods. She's very perky, and has powers herself. She can turn into water and control it. When it rains, she can leave the spring but when it stops, she needs to be in another body of water or her magic, and her life, will go away.

Kirigiri- She is unknown, but the people of the White Woods say she's either human or a Magical Being, maybe even a Divine one. She doesn't talk much and she's very mysterious. She always wears a cloak, which has so many patterns and symbols it could tell a story. She has some sort of Telepathy, so she can talk to others just by looking at them.

Komaeda- He's a cat. He doesn't think highly of himself, calling himself worthless, and the townspeople think he's sorta crazy. He's rich, and gives money to the townspeople.

Tsumiki- She's the White Wood's nurse. This mouse is very clumsy and can be intimidated easily. She tries to avoid the Kitsune Prankster Saionji, who keeps making fun of her.

Sonia- She is one of the 3 Noble Dragons, and her element is Wind. She loves talking with people, and solves others' problems.

Owari- The second of the 4 Guardian Wolves, she is very adventurous and her curiosity takes control of her sometimes. She's kind of violent.

Kuzuryuu- The third of the 3 Noble Dragons, his element is Water. He's arrogant and stubborn like Togami, and he thinks that "normals" aren't worth his time. He wouldn't hesitate to kill any of them, actually. He's rude to his friend Peko, but he still thanks her for doing her job.

Saionji- She's known as The Prankster, and she's a kitsune. She looks like a child, but she's actually 200 years old. She has 3 tails and she's still maturing. She plays a lot of pranks and is a fast runner.

Peko- One of the 4 Guardian Wolves, she's very good with protection of the White Woods townspeople. She uses swords, and treasures the one given to her by the third noble dragon Kuzuryuu, that has powers that are almost Divine.

Ibuki- She's a Raijin, a being of thunder. She lives in the clouds that can be reached on top of the Towering Tree. She comes down often but makes a lot of noise. She looks intimidating but she's very nice. She addresses herself in third person. During thunderstorms, she's very loud, and jams out on the drums, which causes commotion for the townspeople.

Chiaki- She's a sheep! She tends to be very sleepy, and blanks out when people talk to her. She's made her own clothes out of fleece, ironically, and she likes to buy food like bags of candy or dango.

***I didn't finish this yet, check back later for more***
Species type groups:
The Applications of Life:
My Application(s):

So, that's all. Please join, I started making this at 12:30 PM and now it's 8:50 PM, so yeah I'd appreciate it if you can give me some credit for this, because it took me so long to put this together, so join this roleplay please thank you ok bye

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PostSubject: Re: The Great Forest {RP} APPS   Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:52 pm

aka I claim her, have to do homework Sad
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PostSubject: Re: The Great Forest {RP} APPS   Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:20 pm

yes thank you for being the first one to reserve
thank you
ANYONE ELSE (i need this RP to be active basically by not joining your making me lose hope)
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PostSubject: Re: The Great Forest {RP} APPS   

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The Great Forest {RP} APPS
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