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 Short Story Time!!!!

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PostSubject: Short Story Time!!!!    Wed Dec 22, 2010 8:22 pm

Ok here is a story I made:

In a place far away, there lived a girl named Alice who just couldn't find herself. When people heard " Alice" they thought " Well she isn't going to last long so why should we care about her?!".... Her mother, Marie never cared about Alice she would never cook for Alice, tell Alice she loved her. One time Alice was seven years old she ran away. When she came back home her mother just kept on cooking for herself not Alice. Alice was builled by the girls even boys. Girls would grab scissors and cut Alice's clothes and call her nasty names. People never reconigzed her beauty. Until Alice met Peter Alice's world changed from that moment on. Peter loved Alice no matter what classmates and his friends told him.... He'd do anything for her. He understood her pain and misery...... On Valentine's Day He planned to tell Alice that he loved her with all his heart. But he didn't find Alice. He... NEVER... did... Peter was apalled and shocked. Peter cried in his room for days maybe even months. Until he found her he was overjoyed! Alice Alice my love I'm here and I love you!!!!! He ran to hug Alice.Oh how he loved her hugs... Peter got down on one knee and said " It's a BIG BIG world and I'm going to show you all of it" that put a smile on Alice's face... Peter kissed Alice and it was the greatest moment Alice and Peter ever had. Also, soon enough 8 years later.... Alice somehow got killed in an car accident. Peter was angrey yet unhappy. Peter got down on his knees and kissed Alice at her grave in her coffin " I'll never leave your side my snow white" After that, Marie finally told Alice " I LOVE YOU" and she meant it.

Ok should I make a second part?

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Short Story Time!!!!
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