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 Band christmas music time :D ♪11/18/11♪

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PostSubject: Band christmas music time :D ♪11/18/11♪   Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:42 pm

Yo my peeps,

So we just started to work on our christmas music and my favorite song by far is "God rest ye merry gentlemen" But this song has a twist. After the melody is stated with some random bell ringing, which made everyone crack up, it goes to a latin type of feel and beat. It's just all over fun. I also get the melody but harmonized if that makes any sense.

I also had two tests today >.< But I'm sure I got at least a B on both of them :3

How are you all doing? Wonderful I hope :D
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Band christmas music time :D ♪11/18/11♪
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