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 Is it okay if I kill Fantage now? (slowness)

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PostSubject: Is it okay if I kill Fantage now? (slowness)   Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:17 am

I swear my computer has be reacting to it sooooo badly! I am sure I am not the only one on Fantage that ever since they got back after a break or anything, their computer goes into a massive slow down. I can type, yes, but then my computer keeps freezing while it happens. I also have an anti-virus saying that my computer is at my finest (Avast), but it still freezes.
Does anybody know how much memory Fantage takes? or is it my browser, Firefox, that has been glitchy? I mean, even when I go on Google Chrome my computer gets all laggy on Fantage, and I am using another laptop, it's only been a few months having it. Neutral

I think Fantage put's too much graphics into its world. I mean, I like it and all, but there are some useless places that no one even visits. Like the docks with that place or whatnot. I mean, it's good for a series or movie, but all the animations it useless. I know, hardly anyone even likes those Fantage movies. And the music needs some improvements if people want it to stay! There are some places that need certain things added. If Fantage doesn't want the creatures arena or doesn't use it, put it in Mt.Fantage so you can remove that part. Things need to change so people who have slow computers or slow anything can work well for them! Especially those fanatics who are willing to come on Fantage often, the poor kids don't deserve getting a new laptop.

Point is, less graphics Fantage!
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Is it okay if I kill Fantage now? (slowness)
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