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 School Days - A True Story

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PostSubject: School Days - A True Story   Tue May 11, 2010 8:38 pm

Hai guise! I've decided to bring my story School Days back! :3
Here is Ch. 1-4:

Chapter 1
I was looking helplessly at the clock for recess to come. My friends Natalie and Omar were talking about something in Spanish. I sighed, and continued to read my book. Then, Natalie tapped on my shoulder and whispered to me,”Omar is gonna ask Savannah to be his girlfriend at recess. Don’t tell anybody.” I nodded, and smiled at Omar. I tried to keep calm because I like Omar.

Finally, our teacher said,”Line up! Time for recess!” We all ran quickly to the line, some getting snacks out or balls to play with. When we went outside, I ran after Savannah. Natalie and I were very excited. I wasn’t that excited though, just pretending. Natalie told us calmly,”We all have to stay away from Savannah and Omar. That means you too, Chris and Daniel.” They nodded, happily.

At recess, Omar was standing by the basketball hoop. Everybody was all excited about the thing, all but me, Keyona, and Katelyn. I stood near Omar, and I gave him advice. “Stay calm, Omar,” I advised him. “Ok, I’ll st-“ He hardly finished his sentence and ran away. Sina, Chris, and I caught up to him, and told him to sit down. Natalie & Gicel went to get Savannah. We sat them down and then walked away. Then, it happened. Savannah and Omar were officially together. I silently walked to Keyona and Katelyn. Their faces drooped too.

Chapter 2
Katelyn and Keyona walked up to me."So, he asked her?" Keyona said, looking even sadder than me. "Yeah, Omar did." I replied, while tearing up a bit. Katelyn patted me on the back. "Don't worry Miyeon, (NOT USING MY REAL NAME) you'll find someone else." Katelyn said, trying to cheer me up. It was finally time to go back inside, all three of us walking calmly to the classroom. When I sat in my seat, I tried not to talk to Omar anymore. But, he did something funny/weird that I had to call him a weirdo."Miyeon, you look depressed," Natalie assured me. I replied back to her,"Nah, I'm ok Natalie. Don't mind me."

At the end of the day, we all left the class and went to the front gate. "So, did you call your fake boyfriend?" Omar asked. "Hmm... Yes I did! And he is not fake." I told him. "Hey, at least I have a real girlfriend." He said, thinking he's cool (XD). Chris and Omar began to tease me, and made me very angry. So, I didn't talk to them. They thought they made me mad, which they did."

Chapter 3
After I left school and my mom came to pick me up, I secretly told my best friend Carolyn about it. "Carolyn, don't tell anybody. You know Omar? He has a girlfriend now." Carolyn smiled and said, "He does? That's cool!" She seemed happy about it too.

When we got home, I took out my diary and wrote all about the BF GF thing. I wrote about my anger and my sadness in there. I also wrote a page about love and hate. I couldn't stop thinking about it. So, I ran to get my iPod and listened to a few songs. But, they were love songs. They were my favorite songs, so I didn't care. I then forgot all about it and went on the computer. I wondered,"What's gonna happen on Monday?" Then, school was finally starting.
Chapter 4
It was after recess. Our teacher, Mr.Dubois (Pronounced Do Bwa xD) gave us these highlighters to use. Omar wanted to trade with Natalie for her orange, but she didn't want to. "Gimmie, I want orange!" he said trying to grab it. Natalie didn't let him and pushed him off our desks. Then, he wanted to trade with Savannah. "She'll want to trade with her boyfriend," he told us. Savannah shook her head. "Darn it!" Omar said softly. He laid his head on my desk, and then picked his head back up. "Do that again, see what happens," I warned him. He put his head on my desk again, so I slapped him, not too hard though.

Omar was talking about something with Chris, so I called him. "Omar, omar I need to tell you something." I whispered to him. "Hold on Chris," he said, "what do you want?" I slapped him again, for fun. Then it was time for lunch. While walking to the cafeteria, he was talking to Savannah. After lunch, we went to recess again. He was still talking to her, and hanging out with her and her besties. Then, we went back inside.

Chapter 5
So, we walked back inside to our seats. Natalie and I just wanted to mess with Omar so bad, since he sat infront of us. I wanted to hit Omar in the head (what I always do) but Savannah saw me and told me to stop. When she wasn't looking, I took Omar's pen when he was going to the bathroom. Natalie took the pen from me and put it in her desk. Omar came back and yelled at us. "Where'd my pen go?!" he exclaimed, looking at me and Natalie. "I don't know what you're talking about," Natalie told him while writing. "What pen?" I asked Omar, pretending to not know where his pen is. Then, Savannah told Natalie,"Give him his pen back Natalie." Natalie laughed and gave it back to Omar.
(Next day...) At lunch time, Savannah came up to me and said,"You and Natalie are gonna make a deal. Omar will hug me everyday, and you and Natalie will stop being mean to Omar." I pretended to cry and said,"NO NO NO NO NO! Being mean to him and other people is my life!" Then after recess, Natalie said to me, "We made a deal. Now we have to stop being mean to him." I shook my head. "Too bad," she giggled. I also giggled.
After school, I was behind Omar and Savannah. They waved good-bye and hugged. "I saw you and Savannah hug!!!" I told Omar. "Yeah, now I'm gonna hug her everyday. In the morning and after school." he assured me. I giggled, walking away chewing my gum. "Wait Miyeon, let me tell you a secret," he told me. I was shocked and happy at the same time.


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School Days - A True Story
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