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 We got the talent Rp APPS Remade

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We got the talent Rp APPS Remade Empty
PostSubject: We got the talent Rp APPS Remade   We got the talent Rp APPS Remade Icon_minitimeWed Nov 13, 2013 5:12 pm

Well this app was remade by Primrose. I loved it and was sad to see it go. But I will remake it! If you were in the Rp before feel free to use you old person I'll accept it.

1. Its okay if you have the same talent as someone else just to many people (more than 4) its to much
2. No Mary Sues. I determine what a Mary Sue is.
3. Pg-13 langue and Violence
4. General Rp rules apply
5. I ONLY CONTROLL THE JUDGES>.< I hate when people controll the judges. I will give you a warning about this a couple times. Its just no fair to other people

Please read the plot:


Name - Star Jenson
Age (12 or more) - 13
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Straight
Personality - She is a very bright girl, smart, nice and a bit stubborn towards some people. She can be mean to some people she doesn't like. But she knows when to put on a smile and wave.
Talent (be descriptive) - She is a singer and dancer. Its a unique twist of what she does. She is very flexable at that. From dance school. Her mom is a bit of a nut with her talent.
Picture/description -
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We got the talent Rp APPS Remade
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