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 Dimension Of Humans [RP APP]

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PostSubject: Dimension Of Humans [RP APP]   Wed Feb 06, 2013 5:25 pm

Well, now that people are remaking 'dead rps', I'm remaking one of my old rps. But... we are going to change some things.

This is based off of DontEatMyPiexD's Maplestory Movie, 'Clockwork's Goddess'


(This will be short and sweet)

Clockwork calls up one of his best recruits to go to the human world and bring Paige to the 'dimension of all things'. But a group of creatures [that's us] want to accept the assignment instead


-Don't control other characters.
-Please include everyone! Don't make your character act like one character is invisible!
-Spotlight stealing is prohibited
-The max. characters you can have is 2
-YES, you can take a character from 'Clockwork's Goddess' and roleplay as them, but you still have to fill out an app
-YES, you can copy and paste your old app, or create a new character!

Character Types

Jackal- A creature very similar to a wolf, but the ears are different.
Picture of a jackal:

Sprite- A creature with a colored startail. The startail can change color based on the sprite's mood.

Darkling- Dark and mysterious creatures with black angel wings

Pixie Of Fate- This is a nice way of saying 'Controller Of Death'. This pixie decides when it's a human's time to die.

Human- Pretty self-explanatory character type

Characters From 'Clockwork's Goddess'

Clockwork: Open
Aden: Open
Dannie/Danielle: Closed [Taken by Midnighter Cooper]
Jake: Open
Lori: Open
Paige: Open


Character Type:
Picture and/or description:

My app:
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Dimension Of Humans [RP APP]
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