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PostSubject: SELLING 2010 NON MEMBER ACCOUNT   Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:37 am

I've held onto my account for a long time, but I finally decided to give it away now. My account is from Summer of 2010, and I never spent real money on it, however it is a level 460 non acc, and has a LOT of old items and ecoined stuff. I own all the non-member items on fantage that have/are sold in shops.

Please PM me if you're interested in buying my account with iTunes Very Happy
I play Vainglory and Graal Online Classic frequently, you can contact me on Graal Classic (leader of guild Yui).

Starting price is $25 iTunes.

Username on Fantage: fireworksrox

These are just my favourite/old items listed below.
-Pink headband
-bunny earmuffs
-blonde ponytail
-purple cat hat

-lightning tee
-green wrap top
-baby doll frock (red+purple)
-ghost tee
-white cat shirt
-pink ruffled skirt
-blue pleated skirt (light blue sold in vintage)
-pink ribbon dress
-peach ball gown
-2011 sash
-wand and sparklers from oasis

Quick Stats:
-Joined in 2010
-Lvl 460 non

-14 pages of boards
-5 pages of tops
-2 full pages of bottoms
-5 pages of outfits
-6 pages of costumes
-2 pages of shoes
-8 pages of hairs
-14 pages of body accessories
-2 pages of face accessories
-6 pages of hair accessories
-17 moodies
-2 pages of earrings
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