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 The Mushrooms by the River - Chapter 1

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Princess Rosie
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PostSubject: The Mushrooms by the River - Chapter 1   Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:52 am

- The Mushrooms by the River -
Chapter 1

I remember everything now: The strawberry with the strawberry blonde hair; that crazy cuckoo bird that thought
I was a small hedgehog; the silver moonlight and its rainbow coloured stars, so shiny that you'd never want to take your eyes of them- let alone even blink! But most of all, I remember that small village by the wide river, swollen with pink glittery freshwater. I remember it as if... as if it was a dream
But no! It couldn' t have been, that's impossible! Well, Only God knows.
It was a sunny afternoon in Bramsville, so scorching hot that when the farmer that delivers Mrs. Little her eggs for her bakery shop, he dropped an egg and it cracked- making bits of what you can call " Scrambled Eggs " cook at the entrance of the bakery.

I was sitting at my desk, doodling scribbly rainbows in my notebook and the next thing I know, Ms. Crockerwell
is slapping her wooden ruler against the border of my desk.

" Cherry Ryans! I see that you understand these equations basics very well! " she spat.
Secretly wiping her saliva of the page, I replied: " Yes, Miss. I completely understand these equation basics. I wouldn't even mind getting detention after school. I know exactly why you would have reason to: I broke one of the
'Golden Rules'. It was Rule number seven, Miss."

Raising her eyebrows, Ms. Crockerwell gently, but in a threatning voice, said, " Well, Miss Ryans, could you recite this particular rule out loud? - so that everyone may hear you?
" I must pay attention to Ms. Crockerwell at all times," I called out. Even if she spits in your face like a sizzling sausage with a long nose that looks like a perfect triangle in Maths books , I added in my head.

Ms Crockerwell was an old hag, about five feet and three inches tall. She never smiled, except when the Inspector or Headmaster came... And off course, the last day of school.

" I want you to repeat that Rule number Seven ten times!" snapped Ms. Crockerwell.
I sighed as she walked back to her desk.
" Make that twenty," she added with a menacing German accent.

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The Mushrooms by the River - Chapter 1
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