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 Skys Journal [STORY]

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PostSubject: Skys Journal [STORY]   Sat Apr 21, 2012 6:59 am

Ok so, im making a new storyy, it's called sky's jornual. (: i hope you like it.
April 7th, My Room 4:36 P.M

Hello! My name is Sky, I live on a bright huge cloud in a town called Cloud Town, it's obvious the name would be that, let me tell you about my family, I have a sister named Kerli, shes 5,My Mom, Jen. I have no dad because he passed away ):, ANYWAYS PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS IS NOT A DIARY. Thanks (: I also have a few friends, one of them is Startop, she is a artist! Shes awesome at finding constellations, she lives in Star Town which is not far away from Cloud Town. I have another friend called, Grass. Shes very weird, in a good way, just like her name. Grass is kind of like a bug, (not the pest one) she lives in a house in a field, its kind of far away..OH! I forgot to tell you i'm 12. OOh hold on I gotta go, I'll write later!



I know its short i got lazy. C:::
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Skys Journal [STORY]
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