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 Home alone ( my verison )

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Have you ever been home alone?
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PostSubject: Home alone ( my verison )   Home alone ( my verison ) Icon_minitimeFri Sep 23, 2011 6:15 pm

One saturday morning a girl named Noemi was doing her homework. Then her mom said '' sweeite i have to go your going to be home alone for a while DO LET ANYONE IN understand? '' Noemi said '' ok '' her mom got read

5 mintues later. Noemi was bord so she took nap Sleep. after her nap somone knocked on her door she thought ''maybe its my friend '' so she opended the door a mysteryoius man was smilling Nomei thought '' um Question Question ... 'The man said '' Hi would you like some candy? '' Noemi shut the door. she hid somewhere until the man went away. After the man went away miserable she came from her hiding spot her tummy grumbled she was cranky and her head had itched scratch. 6 hours later Her mother returnd home and Noemi was reading while playing wither cat Coconut cat she said in eximent Very Happy '' MOMS HOME!! '' she hugged mom tight and she hugged back t flower the end flower

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Home alone ( my verison )
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