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 Dufferin~ Story by DontBreakMeDown.

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PostSubject: Dufferin~ Story by DontBreakMeDown.    Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:42 pm

Beep!Beep! Dufferin groaned at the sound of her annoying alarm clock. She hit the snooze button, and turned over lazily. A few minutes later, she sat up, and smashed the clock onto the floor out of anger. Oops.. she thought, looking down at the broken clock. Dufferin?! Was that you? Are you alright? Her mother yelled up at her. I'm fine! she called back, slowly getting up from bed. She used her fluffy, pink slipper to push the broken clock underneath her wooden bed, and let the the plaid comforter droop down over the side of the bed. She walked over to her dresser, and changed into a short pink shirt, with a white sweater that had a red and white design with shapes that looked like kites. They were outlined in black. She pulled her unusually tall High-heels out of the closet. Her mother didn't like her wearing them, since she thought they mad her look " Too Old." She walked over to her bathroom, and washed her face. She tied her brown hair into a braid, and applied a light pink eyeshadow to help her blue eyes pop. She also applied a couple layers of pink makeup. She tried up her high-heels, and smirked at her own reflection. Although Dufferin was only in grade eight, she acted and looked as if she was seventeen. She wore things girls her age wouldn't wear; mini-skirts, high-heels, layers of makeup. The truth was, she liked the attention her bizarre choice of wardrobe earned her, and the looks she received from boys. She stuffed her high-heels into her backpack, and changed into her pink converse. She went downstairs. I'm leaving. Don't call me or text me, you're embarrassing. Got it? she walked out of the door without waiting for her mother's response.
She met Claire, her friend, at the bus stop. Claire was waiting a pair of sweatpants, with a off-the-shoulder white, lacy T-shirt, With a pair of grey converse. Hey. she said to Dufferin, to occupied on her phone. Dufferin rolled her eyes, and changed to her high-heels. They were off to school.


She sat down at her desk, and her friend Michigan sat next to her. She widened her eyes at Dufferins outfit, then looked down at her own. She was wearing a pair of jeans with a black tang top and a jean vest. Wow. You look great, Dufferin! Dufferin barely looked at Michigan. I know. Michigan rolled her eyes. Someone got an ego boost. Michigan turned around, and faced the board.

cmon, continue!

Dufferin made her way to the washroom. She took out her pink lip-gloss, and applied many layers. Then, she seen a pink ghost in the mirror. She yelped. What the heck are YOU? she said, dropping her lip-gloss. The ghost looked down. I am the ghost of Ego. You're ego has gotten out of control; you're acting cowardly and annoying the people around you. Either change you're ways or i'll kill you. You're a curse on the earth. Dufferin burst out laughing. YEAH, RIGHT! YOU'RE PROBABLY JUST ONE OF THOSE CHEERLEADERS COMING HERE TO SCARE ME BECAUSE YOU'RE JEALOUS OF MY GOOD LOOKS, AND JUST PLAIN JEALOUS OF- Dufferin didn't finish her sentence, since the ghost's spear was through her body. She fell to the floor.

I told you.

Dufferin fell limb on the cold floor, and the last word to her sentence came out.


I KNOW, ITS HORRIBLE. I wanted to go for a different approach, but it didn't work. I'll stick to my other styles ^_^
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Dufferin~ Story by DontBreakMeDown.
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